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Jeremy Hunt's

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement 2023

In today’s address to the House of Commons, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt presented an optimistic economic forecast that laid the foundation for his ambitious fiscal plans. Backed by promising economic figures, Hunt unveiled a bold initiative to allocate an additional £30 billion in government spending, all while maintaining his budgetary targets.

Moreover, Hunt underscored his commitment to enhancing the economic well-being of individuals by confirming an increase in the national living wage for those aged 23 and above. Starting from April 2024, the national living wage will rise to £11.44 per hour, aligning with recommendations from the Low Pay Commission and accounting for the steady increase in inflation.

Tax measures were a focal point of the Chancellor’s announcement, driven by a more favourable financial outlook than initially anticipated. Key highlights of the tax measures include:

  • A 2% reduction in the main rate Class 1 of national insurance, is expected to stimulate economic growth and provide a reprieve for most workers scheduled to take effect from Jan 2024. However, it’s worth noting that the National Insurance Contribution (NIC) obligations of employers were not addressed in this statement, leaving small business owners hoping for more clarity in future policy updates.
  • The abolishing of Class 2 national insurance, was a decision that might garner widespread cheer within the Sole Trader community. This move is poised to streamline the tax system and simplify the financial responsibilities of self-employed individuals.
  • Reduction in Class 4 NIC rates, additionally lowering the burden on sole trader from 9% to 8%. This reduction is expected to ease financial pressures on self-employed individuals and promote entrepreneurship.
  • The extension of the 75% business rate discount for enterprises in the retail, hospitality, and leisure sectors until 2025. This extension aims to support businesses in these sectors, which have been significantly impacted by economic challenges in recent years.

In conclusion, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement carries significant implications for the British economy and small business owners alike. With measures aimed at boosting economic growth, reducing tax burdens, and increasing the national living wage, the statement sets a positive tone for the months ahead. The extended business rate discount also provides essential support to struggling sectors. As a result, we anticipate that these measures will encourage increased spending and investment in the coming months, fostering a positive economic landscape.